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What Started as a Family Move Became a Community Movement

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Red Pond Farm Timeline

  • December 2020 The Andrus Family Moves to Newton, NC
  • March 2021 The First Chickens & Geese Arrive
  • April 2021 The First 5 Gloucestershire Old Spot Pigs Arrive
  • July 2021 Egg & Broiler Oprations Began
  • August 2021 First Market Garden Bed Established
  • April 2022 GOS* Breeding Operation Starts
  • August 2022 First Litter of GOS* Piglets Born on Site
  • September 2022 Meat Rabbits Arrive 
  • May 2023 Red Pond Farm Joins Conover Farmers Market
  • June 2023 Dairy Goats Arrive
  • June 2023 Red Pond Farm Joins The Lake Norman Area Farmers Market

The Red Pond Farm Story: Nourishing a Family and Community, One Seed at a Time

Nestled within the foothills of Newton, North Carolina, Red Pond Farm is more than just a patch of earth; it’s a family’s dream blossoming into a vibrant tapestry of community, sustainability, and delicious bounty. Mike, Melissa, and their three children embarked on this journey fueled by a shared yearning for something profound: a haven for nourishing food, a life in harmony with nature, and a thriving community woven around it.

Disillusioned by the anonymity of industrial agriculture, the Andrus family sought a different path. They craved food brimming with flavor, nurtured by the land itself, not ravaged by chemicals and heavy machinery. Their search led them to the world of permaculture and regenerative farming – a paradigm shift that promised not only the quality they sought but also a way of life deeply connected to the natural world.

Red Pond Farm isn’t just about cultivating the land; it’s about cultivating resilience. The Andrus family believes in practical systems that nourish not only their family but also their community. Their vision extends beyond the farm’s boundaries, aiming to empower others to embrace permaculture principles, even within the hustle and bustle of suburban life.

Transforming a neglected residence into a vibrant permaculture oasis hasn’t been easy. Every challenge met, every patch of eroded soil brought back to life, becomes a testament to their unwavering commitment. Red Pond Farm is a living experiment, a constant evolution toward a future where sustainable food production and vibrant community coexist.

Here, amongst the gentle whisper of North Carolina’s foothills, you’ll find more than rows of vegetables and fruit trees. You’ll find Gloucestershire Old Spot pigs, their dappled coats basking in the sun, and American Bresse chickens, their proud crests catching the light. These heritage breeds, chosen for their resilience and exceptional quality, contribute to the farm’s vibrant ecosystem, enriching the soil and providing families with healthy, flavorful meat.

Red Pond Farm’s story is one of transformation, resilience, and a deep love for the land. It’s a story whispered in the rustle of leaves, etched in the lines of hardworking hands, and savored in every bite of homegrown goodness. Come, join us on this journey. Be a part of our community, learn from our experiences, and taste the fruits of our labor. Together, let’s build a future where nature thrives, families flourish, and every meal becomes a celebration of life’s abundance.

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