RPF Picture of Homestead Garden

What is Homesteading?

Contemporary American homesteading covers a broad and dynamic movement of individuals seeking more self-sufficient, nature-connected, and meaningful lifestyles. In its most fundamental form, contemporary homesteading is a manifestation of the want to live lives that are more liberating, meaningful, and autonomous. In many cases, it entails making an attempt to generate one’s own food, gather renewable resources, construct shelter, and fulfill other fundamental requirements in a manner that is in harmony with the ecosystems of the surrounding area.

A comprehensive worldview and value system that prioritizes ecological sustainability, community resilience, voluntary simplicity, skill-building, health, creativity, and spiritual grounding are the foundations of modern homesteading. Homesteading is more than just a kind of survivalism. It emerges in various variants throughout the landscapes of contemporary life – from rural farmsteads to suburban backyard gardens to urban community agricultural programs.

A Homesteading Journey

When we started Red Pond Farm in 2020 we looking for a simpler way of life with food security.  Three years later we’re look for a way to be more human.

Join Us on Our Homesteading Journey