GOS* Half-Hog Deposit


GOS* Half-Hog Deposit

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Red Pond Farm is a permaculture-inspired small regenerative farm that attempts to operate ethically in all of our areas of production and service.  Every package of pork that we sell is purebred Gloucestershire Old Spot pork born and grown on the Red Pond Farm property in Newton, North Carolina.  Each of our GOS* hogs is named, fed the cleanest grain rations we can provide, and receives individual human/hog interaction each day.

Red Pond Farm owns and maintains registered purebred GOS* breeding stock on-site (see our breed stock here) and can attest that all of our market hogs are vaccine-, growth hormone-, and antibiotic-free.  The GOS* has a robust natural immune system, and our permaculture rotational practices help us avoid the common hog health issues that inspire some producers to perform non-natural interventions. Each of our GOS* market hogs is born naturally on pasture with their mothers, where they remain for 6-8 weeks until they move into our forest grow-out systems, where they live an awesome pig life for 10 to 14 months

From our perspective, how proteins are produced is equally important as the protein itself.

NOTE: The Whole Hog deposit is non-refundable; however, we will work with any customer holding a deposit to apply the deposit to another Red Pond Farm purchase if circumstances arise.