GOS* Pork Shoulder Roast-Boston Butt (Deposit)


GOS* Pork Shoulder Roast-Boston Butt (Deposit)

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Experience the succulent difference of Gloucestershire Old Spot Pork, with a shoulder roast (Boston Butt). Lightly trimmed for ultimate satisfaction, they come with the bone in for extra juiciness and flavor you can truly savor. Smoke, grill, or slow broil them to perfection, and prepare for a taste of pork like no other.

This item is $9.50/ lb, the estimated final price is between $38.00 – $81.00; and the estimated final weight is between 3.6 and 4.5 lbs (quarter butt), 6 and 8.4 lbs (half butt), and 10-13 lbs (full butt).

Please Note: the final price is determined by the final weight. Once the item(s) is weighed, Red Pond Farm will charge you the final price less the deposit. You will receive a receipt for the final charge.