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General Information

Are poultry and hogs fed a grass only diet?

No, they are monogastric creatures that cannot adequately digest grasses and would not survive on that diet alone. They are fed a well-balanced diet of wheat, peas, flax, and barley, and they naturally forage outdoors for other delicious bits.

What is the meaning of the term “Nose-to-tail”?

Our approach to animal husbandry involves maximizing the utilization of each animal’s parts while minimizing waste. Consequently, our inventory may experience temporary fluctuations. Pre-orders are prioritized and will be fulfilled initially; therefore, we strongly advise you to place pre-orders for your preferred portions.

Why do sell most products frozen?  Is fresh ever an option?

Without using additives or preservatives, we cut and freeze our product on the same day to ensure that it is as fresh as possible for our customers. This process preserves the product’s integrity, leaving all of the nutrients, proteins, minerals, and vitamins unaltered. Additionally, our beef is dry aged, which prevents the formation of ice crystals in the package. Upon defrosting, the beef will regain its “just like fresh” flavor.

How long do your frozen products keep?

It is advisable to consume products within 7-10 days of the date of production if they are fresh, or within 7-10 days after thawing. To ensure optimal freshness, frozen products should be consumed within the initial 12 months.

USDA & On-Farm Processing Dates

Ordering in advance ensures that you receive precisely what you desire and assists us in planning production. While pre-orders are consistently prioritized, we make every effort to maintain an inventory of additional products throughout the year.

Chickens – We hatch and raise multiple flocks of chickens each year in order to keep our production constant and product available.  All poultry are processed on-farm. 

Turkeys – We raise two seasonal flocks (Thanksgiving & Christmas) per year.  We often sell out so reserving your bird in advance by pre-ordering is recommended.  Additional turkey information here.

Gloucestershire Old Spot pork – We farrow and raise all GOS* pork on site at Red Pond Farm.  Our pork is purebred GOS’ and is born on pasture with its sow.  After 8 weeks, our GOS* hogs move from their mothers into our forest systems, where they spend the next 12 to 14 months running around, living the best pig life we can provide. As with all of our livestock we do not employ the use of antibiotics, growth hormones, or other unnatural size enhancing methods.   


Do you have a pre-order system?

We list some of our products as pre-orders.  We use a pre-order system because many of our products are seasonal and/or require special considerations for their preparation.  If you select and purchase an item marked as a pre-order, we will get in touch to schedule your perferred processing/pickup dates.  

Why am I seeing a price discrepancy between the checkout price and my final invoice?

Each of our livestock are unique and have subtle differences and thereby, cuts and weight will vary.  The checkout price is intended to give you an approximate value for your order.  The actual weight that you receive may vary slightly from those listed on the Red Pond Farm website. When your actual order is packaged and weighed you only pay for the actual weight of your order. If you have any pricing questions please feel free to give us a call or connect with your perferred method.   

Can I request cuts that you don’t carry everyday?

Yes, we can typically accommodate custom cut requests based on availability and scheduled processing dates. Please contact us with questions about available custom cuts.

Can I order a whole or half hog?

Yes, we offer whole and half hog retail cut options.  Purchasing a whole or half hog allows you to have a whole or half hog worth of meat cut the way that works best for you at a wholesale “on the hook” price. 2024 priciing for a GOS* whole hog is $5.99 per pound “on the hook” (processing costs included).  2024 pricing for a GOS* half hog is $6.99 per pound “on the hook” (processing costs included).  Non-refundable deposits are required for GOS* whole and half hogs     

Does Red Pond Farm offer wholesale pricing?

Yes, Red Pond Farm can offer wholesale purchasing options for registered businesses with a monthly scheduled purchase.  Please contact us to discuss wholesale pricing.