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Eating Ethically

We believe that there are practical, environmentally sustainable means to produce nutrient-dense food choices.

We believe that the solution to the local food needs of our American communities lies in the creation of many small local community farms and not the proliferation of international mono-cropping conglomerates.

We believe that living local is an ethical choice to return our resources to the community that supports us.  Living local puts a personal face to the environmental decisions that we make in the production and consumption of our food resources.  

Red Pond Farm Foods Can be Purchased

@ Pop-up Event Locations






RPF at Lake Norman Area Farmers Market

@ Weekly Area Food Drops

Charlotte, Ballantyne



We are always interested in building relationships with like-minded organizations, restaurants, retailers, and distributors. If you are interested in sourcing Red Pond Farm vegetables or meats for your location(s), contact us here.